The Social Media Automation Tools You Need to make your life easier

As we all know, there are certain things that are just big no-no's when it comes to social media. Buying followers, the follow/unfollow method, and bot activity are some of them.

But that doesn't mean it isn't possible to streamline your social media and make it just a little easier to stay on top of everything. Social media automation tools can make your life a lot easier, and save you hours and hours on end. Therefore, I am sharing my favourite tools for social media automation and scheduling.

Personally, I currently have over 30'000 followers across my social media platforms for my travel blog, which does make it more challenging to constantly be 'live'.

Of course, I try to post live as often as I can, as no social media will survive without organic posting (in my opinion), but it is also nice to know that some processes can be a little more streamlined.

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Therefore, I have made sure to include some of the best social media automation tools in this list, even the ones I don't use anymore or are planning to use. I will also be updating this post whenever I find something new, so you can bookmark it and check back later whenever you are feeling the social media overwhelm.

The social media automation tools below are split by social media platform. Let's start with our favourite; Instagram.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links, but I would never recommend a product I didn't stand for 100 %.

Instagram Automation Tools

First, let me start by saying that it is against Instagram Terms & Conditions to have third-party applications post for you. Therefore, none of the Instagram automation tools below does that. If an app or scheduling tool ever advertises that it will publish on Instagram for you, run like hell. It isn't worth it to be banned from Instagram.


Later is my absolute favourite Instagram scheduling tool and the one I have been using for years. It allows you to upload and manage all your content with a neat labelling and star rating system, and you can have several accounts linked at once. Perfect if you're a social media manager like me! 

One of my favourite things about Later is that it allows you to visualise what your feed will look like with the photos you are planning to post! That way, you can make sure your feed is on point, and also save loads of time every week by scheduling out your posts!

As mentioned, Later does not post for you. It simply sends you a notification at your desired time to publish your content, copies your pre-written caption and imports your image to Instagram, et voila! You've just saved 15 minutes!


Planoly is not too different from Later, and I have used it myself when I have used the maximum accounts you can have in Later (oops). 

Planoly works the same way as Later, in that it sends a notification to your phone when it is time to post, then you do the actual posting yourself. Planoly will also allow you to visualise your feed, and they make it very clear what content has been posted and what is still left to schedule.

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Facebook (and Twitter) Automation Tools

I'm keeping Twitter in the brackets above, as Buffer (below) covers both Facebook and Twitter, and I currently don't use an automation tool specifically designed for Twitter. If you are looking for another automation tool for Twitter, HootSuite is very popular - all though I don't personally have much experience with it. 


Buffer has actually released Instagram automation as well, but as I have never used that aspect of it, I won't go into details around it.

I have mainly been using Buffer for Facebook and Twitter scheduling, and LOVE how simple it is to use! Their interface is clear, neat and easy to understand, which makes it the perfect scheduling tool for newbies.

They have a free option, which doesn't actually allow you to schedule a lot of stuff (10 postings at a time), but their 'Awesome' option is only $10 a month. I used this for a long time before upgrading to my current 'all-in-one' automation tool, which I will go into more depth about below.

Facebook Pages

This one isn't technically a separate automation tool, but it is so important that I'm keeping it here still.

For Facebook automation, I highly recommend that you use Facebook's own scheduling opportunities, especially from time to time. 

Facebook allows you to plan and schedule everything you wish to post to your page, and I have learned from experience that your organic reach will be better if you just 'go with the flow' and use this instead of other automation tools. 

It is pretty simple to use, simply write out your post the way you want it in the regular editor, and instead of hitting 'publish', go with the little arrow next to the publish button and pick 'schedule'.

Pinterest Automation Tools

When it comes to Pinterest automation tools there are two schools where you can join forces; the Tailwind supporters and the BoardBooster fans. Personally, I have tried both extensively, and finally landed on what works and what doesn't.


BoardBooster is hands down the best automation tool for Pinterest, and I'll tell you why it is better than Tailwind. When Tailwind schedules a pin for you, it pins it as a new pin. This means, that if you schedule the same pin to 8 different boards, Tailwind will schedule that pin as 8 different pins. Correct me if I'm wrong here.

One of the main goals of Pinterest is virality. Pinterest recognises pins that have many repins and activity, so when that pin you scheduled 'looks like' 8 different pins, all with only 1 repin, Pinterest won't recognise it.

BoardBooster, on the other hand, will repin the pin 8 times, meaning that pin will get 8 repins. This is something Pinterest will notice, and they might show your pin to more people.

BoardBooster allows you to pin to the boards of your choosing, but my favourite function is the 'looping'. This feature lets you loop the pins on a board, so they are always available to new followers!

The Best Social Media Automation Tool


I recently joined the forces of Edgar, and have not been disappointed yet! The price is a little steeper than other scheduling tools ($49 a month). which is why it took me so long to finally see the light. 

Now that I have joined, however, I couldn't be happier.

Edgar has been an absolute life saver when it comes to Facebook pages, Facebook groups and Twitter, and I don't think I'd get by without him now.


Basically, when you schedule content with other automation tools, you have to write out each piece of content and schedule it for a specific time. These tools offer to save you time and effort, and they do, but only to a certain extent. You still have to spend hours every week actually scheduling out and planning each post on your social media platforms.

MeetEdgar, on the other hand, is truly effortless. You can put all your content in the library, label it as you please (according to topic, platform, source etc. - the options are endless), and tell 'him' exactly when to post which labels.

Then the magic happens. Each topic keeps looping your content, creating an evergreen funnel of content!

It's like a personal assistant saying 'hmm, this post hasn't been shared in a while, so let's share it again this week!'

That way your content is put in front of more people, and it makes your social media life so much more bearable! 

Honestly, I don't know how I'd run my business without MeetEdgar. If you want to try it for yourself, I've got an affiliate link that will give you $10 off your first month - so you can try it for yourself! GET YOUR $10 DISCOUNT ON MEETEDGAR HERE!

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