You CAN Make Sales and Drive Traffic from Instagram

There are many rumours and ideas about Instagram out there. Some of these misconceptions include how you can’t drive traffic or convert sales from Instagram. People believe that Instagram is a place to grow your followers and share pretty photos and that it is a purely visual platform for companies to share their product - but not actually sell it.

It is easy to think that with only one place to share a link, that it is practically impossible to get traffic from Instagram, and that without traffic you can’t possibly sell your product or service. 

I’m here to tell you that this is wrong. You CAN drive traffic from Instagram and you CAN make sales from it. 


You can make sales on Instagram

Yes, Instagram is a visual platform and a platform where our main focus constantly reverts back to growing our followers. But it is also a platform where you can reach your followers in new ways, and build a community involving them.

Through building your community on Instagram, you are building support and love towards your brand. If you build your Instagram strategy and foundation correctly (side note; supercharge your Instagram foundation by taking my free 5-day email challenge), you can build a group of genuine and interested followers, who actually care about what you share and what you say, and who will eventually care about what you are selling.

You can drive traffic from Instagram

This is true no matter what that is. Whether you are selling a physical product, an online service, or you’re ‘selling’ yourself as a blogger or influencer, having a community around your brand can make a huge difference in how Instagram works for you and your business.

I’ve covered ways to build a community on Instagram before, and it is as important as ever. Something as simple as taking 5 minutes to go live as you unwrap your product or prepare a blog post will go a long way, and it will leave your followers feeling as they are a part of your planning and production processes. Leaving them with this feeling is gold. 

So don’t just share your photos on Instagram. Don’t just write a random caption that seems nice at the time. Use every photo, every live stream and every story as a chance to truly connect with your audience.

Trust me, this will increase the number of people bothering to visit your blog or website.

It will also increase the number of people purchasing your product or service.

Each and every single one of your followers should be treated as part of your community, because even a follower that won’t personally buy your product may know someone who would need it, and recommend you and your business - simply because they feel as part of your community.

An example of someone who is EPIC at this is @KatGaskin. An influencer and kick-ass business-woman, she is the creator of the Salty Pineapple shop and brand, and also of the Content Planner, which is the first ever physical planner for bloggers and influencers. She built a community on Instagram long before the planner ever became a reality, and by the time it hit the (online) stores, I’m sure she had plenty of followers ready to buy - myself included! 

I am speaking from experience when I say that I already felt so aligned with Kat’s brand and vision, that I didn’t even question whether I wanted the Content Planner for myself or not. After following her for months I felt as if I connected with her a little more every time she shared a piece of herself on Instagram, which is why I advice you to do the same! 

To sum up, you need to stop rolling your eyes at Instagram and thinking that it can’t drive traffic or sales because it can! You just need to change your mindset and start seeing Instagram as an opportunity to truly reach and connect with your audience.

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