Grow your Instagram: The best way to build a community on Instagram

It's time for another post on Instagram growth! Growing your Instagram and getting more followers can be a daunting task, especially with all the algorithm changes and fun stuff Instagram likes to throw our way. If you are serious about growing your Instagram, you might know that it is just as important to grow your engagement rate as it is to get more Instagram followers. 

This post is all about building a community and improving your engagement on Instagram!

The best ways to build a community on Instagram

If you are looking to take your Instagram to the next level, you'll want to start focusing on the community you are building around your brand. In the end, this will be more important than the number of followers.

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Ask questions

Asking questions can go a long way. Whether you ask your followers what their Sunday plans are, or if they have ever been to Paris, it encourages engagement and lets your followers know that you want to hear from them & get to know them! 

Respond to all comments

So, you've started asking questions in every caption - now what? This is when your job starts. Respond to every single comment that comes your way - even the bot ones! I usually respond to emojis with an emoji, even if it feels pointless. This is in order to show all your other followers (you know, the real ones) that you are there. It is really that simple.

Get personal

When someone leaves a comment on one of your photos, take your time to check out their profile before responding. Hopefully they'll have their name or location in their profile, which gives you a way to make it personal! 

So, instead of answering 'Thank you!' to Katie's comment, go ahead and write 'Thank you, Katie! I really appreciate it!'

Call People Out

This one sounds a lot worse than it is. It is a great way of showing your community that you see them and that you appreciate them. You can tag them in your caption, thanking them for the advice they left on an earlier post, or simply tag them in your story like I have done on the right here!

It is such a simple and effective way of showing your followers that a little engagement means a lot, and you are also showing those that usually do not engage that other followers are doing it. This should encourage more people to join the club!


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