Get Instagram Followers: My Best Hashtag Hack for Instagram Growth

Most people are on Instagram every day, and if you have a blog or a business you know that growing your followers is an important aspect of raising your brand value. Naturally, there are more important aspects of Instagram (#1 being to build a community), but we all want to grow our Instagram followers a little, am I right?

I have several hacks I share with my consultation clients when it comes to Instagram, especially when it comes to rocking hashtags. Below I share one of my favourite hacks to get more Instagram followers using hashtags the right way!

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The Best Instagram Hashtag Hack

Layer your hashtags.

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Once you have your hashtags researched and ready, you are good to go!

How to Grow your Instagram using my favourite hashtag hack

As you may already know; the goal is to get in the top 9 photos of every hashtag, in order to put you in front of as many potential clients as possible.

Am I making sense?

This hack takes it to the next level. Basically, in each of your hashtag sets you should sort the hashtags according to size. Therefore, the smallest hashtags should be the first few, then the bigger ones, and so on. 

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Why should you do this to grow your Instagram? 

It makes it way easier to watch your profile grow, and to know which hashtags you are ranking higher in! You'll be able to monitor and tweak your hashtags constantly, to ensure you aren't wasting your valuable time on hashtags that are too big for you or spending time stuck on mini-hashtags that get you nowhere!

Basically, this is the perfect way to see 'where' your profile is at, and to monitor whether you are aiming too high or too low. If you always rank in the hashtags with 60k photos, but never 100k (which is your next 'layer'), maybe it's time to add some hashtags with 70k, 80k and 90k to get a more detailed impression?

Do you think this strategy will help you get Instagram followers? Let me know in the comments!

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