About Fjords & Beaches Creative

How I got started

I have developed a slight obsession with social media and writing through my years as a travel blogger. I have taken courses, watched webinars, and constantly tried to figure out what works and what doesn't. In the end I have developed tried & tested social media strategies that actually work

Today I am a Social Media Accounts Manager currently managing several successful client accounts. My specialities are Instagram and Pinterest, where I am so confident I can almost guarantee results! Eventually I figured it was time to streamline my efforts, and showcase my hard work - which is where Fjords and Beaches Creative came in!

I know I can help YOU create successful strategies for your social media accounts depending on whether you goal is traffic, conversions or engagement.

If content creation is where you are struggling to find the time and inspiration, I've got your back there too! I absolutely love writing and brainstorming topics, and can cover anything from academic texts to quirky conversation pieces.


About the name

A fjord (/ˈfjɔːrd/ - click to listen!) is defined as a narrow inlet surrounded by steep sides or cliffs, and the Norwegian coastline is famous for having many of the world's most beautiful fjords. These natural wonders are some of the main reasons people travel to Norway.

I grew up in Norway, along the Aurlandsfjord, and the area has strongly inspired my love for travel. I also hold a constant longing for the beach and the ocean, and these two elements in my life inspired the name Fjords and Beaches!

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About Lisa

I grew up in the beautiful fjords of Norway, and have always loved showcasing and sharing my part of the world. I have always been obsessed with travelling and exploring new areas of the world, and have lived in Wales, England and Florida in the past few years.  

Throughout my years abroad it was important for me to keep family & friends at home updated on my shenanigans, which is where Fjords & Beaches came in! On the blog I share all my favourite travel tips, tricks and advice with an awesome group of wanderlusters!

Through blogging I truly discovered my love for writing, but also my fascination with social media! Eventually it was only natural that these things became more than a hobby. 

Find me on Instagram @FjordsandBeaches